Top 7 Ways to be Water Smart in the Calgary Region

The weather of the last few years, forest fires and ongoing drought mean that water restrictions will likely get tighter in the future. The city will keep posting and enforcing water bans in a variety of stages to be ahead of it. 
Top 7 Ways to be Water Smart in the Calgary Region
  1. Water once to twice a week 1″ of water is all that is needed.
  2. Water early am or about 2-3 hrs before sundown.
  3. Audit your irrigation system for efficiency. Do not overwater or water the concrete as I witness at a few places.
  4. We try not spray too much into the air as it evaporates, we’d rather retain the water and allow it to nourish the lawn.
  5. Cut lawn with sharp blades, (that’s our job!).
  6. Water harvesting allows you to collect and conserve water for those times you so desperately need it. Rain barrels work for some and not others. Cistern systems work well if you have the space. You cannot capture water in Calgary after it hits the ground, so collect it on its way.
  7. Fertilize properly.
Did you know?

It’s much easier to sustain a lawn than to bring one back from the brink.

Follow the link for current restrictions in Calgary or contact us if you need help maintaining your vegetation within the guidelines.…

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