Sustainable, harvest, healthy, environment and natural – these are all words we keep in mind when planning a yard.

Our clients include gardeners, bakers and canners so we incorporate many trees for their fruit.

Contrary to popular belief, pear trees also grow in Calgary. We’ve planted Golden Spice Pear, Ussurian Pear and Early Golden Pear. John Pear is another variety available in our zone and on our list to incorporate.

Ussurian Pear

The hardiest species of pear, smothered in showy white flowers in spring, good fall color and consistent oval shape, very ornamental; low-quality fruit is best for canning, fallen fruit can be messy, but self-pollinating and very resistant to fireblight.


Native to North America and Asia. They are widely grown for their attractive growth habit, spring flower display, and decorative fruits. The fruits are much smaller and more tart than the common apple but are suitable for jellies, preserves, and ciders.

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