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acreage landscaping calgary

Your Landscape Concierge

Since 1999, Renaissance Landscapes Inc. has been leaving its mark on the landscapes, gardens, and homes of Calgary and area residents. Always taking a personal interest in the properties we serve, Renaissance provides an unmatched level of quality and care from condominiums to acreages alike.

acreage landscaper calgary

Quality work – On time, and on budget.

We pride ourselves on a slightly different approach to landscaping. In our initial meeting, we won’t simply start off by asking you what you envision for design (thereby limiting our ability to make the best possible recommendation for the space). Instead, we’ll ask:

  • How are you going to use the space?
  • Are there any existing eye sores or issues that need to be eliminated?
  • Are you a gardener?
  • Do you entertain outdoors?
  • What season is your preference for colours?
  • What infrastructure, if any, exists?

A Professional Assessment

Upon assessing the landscape, our team drafts up a “Report Card,” which becomes the basis for the next steps in the process. Report Cards include:


Many materials are available for building pergolas, fences, and patios – and they are not all created equal. Be wary of low-ball quotes that may be using the cheapest materials that won’t stand the test of time and will require constant maintenance.

Design details

If your landscaper isn’t taking the time to properly design the space you may end up with odd shapes and areas that are very hard to cut with a regular mower.

Unique solutions

We work with what you have and find clever ways to transform your problem areas without breaking the bank. We once turned an old hot tub into a water feature, or click here to see how we turned a glaring septic access into a stunning feature.


We will identify and outline any work that needs to be done for proper water collection and drainage, wiring and gas lines, lighting and plant use and foundation work or retaining walls.


Renaissance Landscapes also provides special services such as:

  • Snow Removal
  • Garbage Removal
  • Pest Control

Let's break ground

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