Calgary Landscapes: Considering Winter

Landscaping in the winter in the Calgary area, can be tricky to navigate with the cold and snowy weather conditions we experience. The good news is that it is not impossible, you just need to plan for it!

Choose Hardy Plants:
Choose plants that thrive in Calgary’s chilly climate, opting for robust perennials and evergreen shrubs that can endure winter conditions. Hardy plants will be your friend this season.

Protect Young Trees:
Wrap the trunks of young trees with burlap or tree wrap to protect them from temperature extremes and sunscald. This is also an opportunity to add some visual appeal to the yard, through clever use of decoration.

Snow Management:
Be proactive in snow management, we often talk about how it’s best to remove the snow before it becomes an issue.. Regularly remove heavy snow loads from tree branches and shrubs to prevent breakage. Gently brush snow from trees and plants using broom.

Winter Containers:
If you have potted plants, consider moving them to a sheltered area or wrapping the pots in bubble wrap or burlap to insulate the roots from extreme cold. In addition to this, you can also get some mileage out of your summer planters and window boxes by dressing them up with holly or even evergreen bunches.

Winter Pruning:
Prune trees and shrubs in late fall or early winter when they are dormant. This can help shape the plants and remove any dead or diseased branches. Disease can unfortunately be primed for spreading in the winter months during the wet conditions, especially if we end up with some unseasonably warm days.

Plan for Winter Interest:
Choose plants with interesting bark textures or persistent seed heads to add visual interest to your winter landscape. Some popular choices for this are Birch Trees or Trembling Aspen which both boast interesting colour that is sure to add a pop to your landscape.

Calgary’s winter weather can be unpredictable, so staying attentive to your landscaping needs is key. Ensure that you are regularly checking on your plant life and adjusting as needed.

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