Plant Description:

Fragrant spring blooms, most people know it’s spring when the Mayday is in bloom. This tree is very susceptible to black knot, a fungal disease which when spring bud break occurs becomes air borne and off to infect other plants in the Roseacea family.

This tree does take a lot of abuse in this City of ours during storms, wind or snow, yet it, for the most part keeps looking good.

The 1 photo was taken 20010 about 12 years after the damage had occurred in a storm and was bolted back up in place, to this day it is still standing and every May it showers the neighbouhood with a distinctive fragrance that is welcomed.

Plant Characteristics

Common Name: Mayday
Latin Name: Prunus padus var. commutata
Light Requirements: more than 6 hours of direct sun
PH Sensitivity: Alkaline