Looking after an acreage client is slightly different than your average small residential lot in the City, the differences are mainly due to the equipment used.

On the large properties we need to be able to perform our task just as effectively as we do on small lots, however large equipment can be heavy and heavy equipment in spring during clean up can sink into the yard and damage property thus, not making you as a contractor very popular.

We try to find a balance between our equipment needs and our staffs preferences so that people who are using the equipment are knowledgeable and comfortable with the equipment in their charge.

Cutting a lawn and performing bed maintenance to most may be a chore, yet, it can be so rewarding if done right, a well cut lawn will make the surroundings stand out to all that cross its path.

The secret to a great lawn is sharp blades, clean mower and the proper cutting height along with the proper amount of water and compost. We cut properties on a weekly basis and alternate the cuts each week, so that we do not create uneven turf, ruts can occur on large properties due to the weight of the equipment used and over time become very unsightly.