As a high end maintenance provider and Landscape Construction Contractor we see many homes and ideas from numerous designers, home owners, Landscape Architects and other creative individuals who might create on the whim, and in the end it always comes down to good sound, practical design principals.

Lets look at several items that we have come across in the last decade related to poor design:

  • An acreage with no access to the back yard for maintenance, even for a hand mower is not good design.
  • Beds with small rocks always located near windows is not good design.
  • Tennis courts with an apron of grass around is not good design.
  •  Most commercial residential service providers use 48″ mowers, thus a 52″-54″ apron of turf around a tennis court is not good design
  • A pathway to the backyard that is 20″ wide when all hand mowers are at least 22″ cutting base and 24″-26″ wheel base is not good design.
  • Irrigation heads that over water due to poor design layouts is not good deign.
  • Spruce trees in the front yard or up against a homes foundation ( they do grow) is not good design.
  • Beds with mixed water use plants is not good design.

Design for a specific purpose, budget and practical use of the space available, so let’s design space for form, function and aesthetical appeal.

The pictures are of properties we maintain that others have designed and in some cases constructed the project prior to Renaissance Landscapes Inc. becoming involved with the client in the capacity of Landscape Contractor.