Pulling up tree root

Project Description:

We took this job on in conjunction with Big Sky Permaculture (www.bigskypermaculture.ca) who designed it, we were initially speaking of a two year implementation for this project.  It turns out the client wanted to expedite this for a number of reasons, hence, our time frame came under a crunch and we needed to really prioritize things, so this is what we did:

  • Called Alberta 1 Call for locates.
  • Excavated the property of anything that did not belong.
  • Excavated trench for rain water drainage in order to have the water recycled in the garden beds.
  • Cut away some of the berm to allow for the retaining wall.
  • Installed the ABS piping for the water collection system on a 2% slope to make certain water flows.  This was done throughout property.
  • Filled in trench after making certain proper grade of 2% is achieved and that water flows.
  • Excavated area for patio, stairs and pathway.
  • Brought in crush for base of pathway and patio, brought it to grade needed.
  • Placed retaining wall around patio prior to the concrete pour.
  • Placed retaining wall in place on main berm
  • Cribbed area for concrete pour.
  • Poured two sets of concrete, one colored and the other for exposed path and stairs.
  • Sandblasted the exposed aggregate.
  • Sealed all concrete.
  • Built landing and stairs from kitchen door to the patio for BBQ access and entertainment area complete with wood fired oven.
  • Place loam and compost mixture in beds.
  • Excavate irrigation canal system.
  • Plant shrubs.

There it is in a nutshell, not a simple job even though it is straight forward there is always something that comes up on a jobsite that was not expected.

We do our best to mitigate any issues from arising however, some things can not be helped and you must do the best to deal with them.