Project Description:

This home had water accumulating up against the foundation unbeknownst to the homeowner.

We were initially consulted on the project, which was to lift, add road crush and replace patio, as it sank up against the home. After lifting the patio we did notice a slight damp spot where the back door is located. This area had sunken in after a few years of living in the home.

Commencing with a basic tamping down of the existing area, our machine slowly sank down as though it were in quick sand, so, there is obviously something going on here and the project now has significantly changed its focus from a quick & simple lift and replace, to a major overhaul.

We needed to excavate to the foundation to asses the extent of the issue and what we found is likened to a Holmes on Homes project. We had one large accumulation of standing water up against the home foundation. This water was not moving and had been there for some time, it had to go. The two homes on either side of this property also happened to be higher in elevation and were draining from the roof collection systems onto this lot and right up against the home, so what to do?

We came up with a plan to vacate the water from the premises. The home owner was obviously disappointed having to do all this work, but, realized we could not ignore the issue, nor could we replace the patio as it was and walk away.

This is what we did:

– Excavated 100′ out from back of home.
– Excavated down to the foundation at the back of house and ended up at about 7″‘ at the end of the trench.
– Lay down washed drainage rock for 100′.
– Lay down 100′ socked perforated weeping tile.
– Another layer of washed drainage rock 100’.
– We placed a layer of landscape fabric over as a precaution..
– Filled in the trench.
– Replaced all saturated road crush with fresh 3/4″ crush.
– Tamped down the patio area now enlarged and more user friendly.
– Placed landscape fabric down.
– Layer of sand.
– Start placing the bricks.
– Build slight retaining wall.
– Add soil/compost in new garden areas.
– Plant new trees and shrubs.
– Repair any damage we created in doing the job and clean up site.