About Renaissance Landscapes Inc

Renaissance Landscapes Inc. is a prestige landscape maintenance and construction company that works with high-net-worth homeowners directly. We take extreme pride in the trust our client’s place in us to design and manage their multi-million dollar acreage properties. We also have contracts with many exclusive Condo properties in Calgary, specializing in working directly with the HOA or management team. Like a “Landscape Concierge”, we are a full-service solution trusted by high-end homeowners to manage their properties, even in their absence.

What we do.

We are a sustainable operation. All debris from a project that can be recycled is. These products may include grass clippings, sod, soil, trees and branch debris, concrete and other building materials. We take care of it so you don’t have to.

Why it matters.

Since the inception of Renaissance Landscapes Inc. we have worked in conjunction with purveyors of Native Chinook hardy plants. We purchase trees, shrubs, loam, compost and bark mulch from the individual company who has taken in our refuse for recycling. In return we give back to the land and our community by purchasing needed, hardy viable products locally.

What more could you ask for?

About William Dorman


Local Apprenticeship Committee – Landscape Horticulturist Program, Calgary Presiding Officer (2017)

Alberta Skills for Landscaping, Judge (2014 -2017)

Certified Landscape Journeyman Gardener, Old College Graduate (2004)

Volunteer Horticultural Educator, Calgary Zoo & Botanical Gardens (2002 – 2016)

Calgary Horticultural Society (CHS), Past Board Member (2005 – 2009)

Calgary Horticultural Society Member (since 2002)

World Skills Competition, Official Landscape Ambassador (2009)

Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training Committee Member (since 2010)

Canadian Ski Patrol (since 2000)

What Our Clients Say

“Renaissance Landscapes has done an excellent job maintaining our yard in immaculate condition. They are very professional, dependable and detail-oriented. William is a wealth of information and is always eager to do a great job for his clients. We can’t recommend William and his entire team enough! Kind regards” 

– Irene Issakidis

“Will Dorman has an ability to balance customer desires with practicality and cost considerations in all his works. I have had the pleasure of having several items made by him; 3 Cutting boards, a Cheese/Bread server and a turned pen. He had also finished a butcher block table for me and met my expectations entirely. All of these items are of utmost quality in craftsmanship, finishing and made with an eye for striking visual appearance. He frequently adopts a re-purpose mentality in his designs to utilize wood materials such as felled tree lumber from his landscape endeavors to craft cutting boards and pepper mills.” 

– Ron Lewis

“Passionate and Knowledgeable are 2 words that come to mind when we think about Will Dorman and Renaissance Landscapes.  We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Will for 8 years now and about 3 years ago, he brought to vision a tranquil back yard.  Will was able to talk with us and articulate our vision, suggest plants and materials, and curves that made our yard look and feel like a little piece of paradise. Will’s energy and excitement made us feel like our best interests were at heart. Renaissance Landscapes took out back yard from mud to beauty. We love to spend time back there when we can, sitting by our fire, with some wine and feeling like your sitting in an oasis. Let Renaissance help you get what you want.”

– Kandice & Walter Wirch

“William and his professional team at Renaissance Landscapes have done a wonderful job over the last couple of years transforming my tired old patio, deck and back garden into a vibrant English garden landscape. The brief was to provide me with an English-style garden that I was used to before I emigrated, as best as can be done in the Calgary climate. The first year involved all of the groundwork preparation and remodelling, including:

  • replacing the fence to the neighbouring property;
  • removing overgrown and overcrowding trees to open up otherwise dead spaces in the garden;
  • removing the old metal clad shed which was falling apart and building a new custom wooden shed in a more convenient location;
  • building a stone patio and custom pergola in the old shed location;
  • rebuilding the deck off the living room and making it useable for outside living;
  • removing the in-ground hot tub that was no longer useable and filling the hole with a running water feature;
  • cutting the old stucco privacy wall down to half-height and re-finishing with a stone facing so that we can actually see the garden from inside the house;
  • building custom wood frames for the climbing plants;
  • and, cutting new flower beds.

Last year involved planting in accordance with the design that will see a continuous flowering from spring to fall. I can’t wait to see the garden get fully established over the coming years with all of these new plantings that have been put in. I’m also looking forward to the coming season when we will be transforming the front garden.”

– Andy Hill

“I have been a customer of Renaissance Landscapes Inc for three years. I was referred to William by my next door neighbor Stacy who said, ” William has been maintaining my property for years and totally satisfied with services. You will not be disappointed!”

Over the past three years, I was impressed with how prompt William was with my texts and emails. Renaissance Landscapes has always provided professional, timely and quality services!  The lawn was always lush and beautiful during the summer!  Since I am not a green thumb, a gardener even came out to plant flowers for me. One summer, I had a wasp nest in the backyard. My children never mentioned anything to me because it was obstructed by trees. I was so thankful William contacted me to STAY AWAY and that the proper professionals would come and take care of the problem. Wildlife was also a safety issue in my backyard. Our family was away one weekend and I received a text from William that wildlife was spotted on the sports court. The warning was timely as I told my children they were not allowed outdoors when we came home. On another occasion,  I received an emergency call from my house sitter panicking because the deck was flooding from the heavy rain and feared it would leak into the house. Not knowing who to call I reached out to William and he immediately sent one of his staff to look into the problem! During the winter, I received snow removal services from Renaissance Landscapes. I have a very steep driveway and when it snows I need my driveway cleared and cleaned immediately otherwise I’m stuck in my garage! I have NEVER had an issue with staff not coming out on time and I’ve never been stuck in the garage:) So comforting to know I’m always in ‘good hands’ with Renaissance. Never a worry!

In closing,  I had movers booked for Tuesday during January. It snowed ALL night and of course I was concerned the moving truck would not make it up my driveway. I texted William and he confirmed staff was being sent out to remove snow immediately. William F Dorman of Renaissance Inc is highly professional providing quality services and unbelievably efficient!!!! I am a HAPPY CUSTOMER. FIVE STARS, hands down

– Sandra Stankowski

What the Experts Say

“I have known William Dorman for the past ten years. During this time I have worked with and consulted with him as a Master Gardener. William is a masterful landscaper with innovative ideas. His work is well planned and executed. That Bloomin’ Gardener, of which I am the owner, has frequently utilized the services of Renaissance Landscapes to implement the landscaping component using our designs.”

– Sandra Pinto, Master Gardener and Landscape Designer

Stump Solution has worked with Renaissance Landscapes for more than 10 years, providing stump grinding to a contractor that recognizes when specialized services are required. Through the years, Renaissance Landscapes has made prompt service requests and has been a supportive business to work with.

– Russell SmellaStump Solution